Hirsh, David

David Hirsh is a lecturer of sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. Hirsh graduated from City University, London and holds an M.A. in Philosophy and Social Theory and a PhD from the University of Warwick, with his research focusing on crimes against humanity and international law.

Hirsh’s study Laws against Genocide: Cosmopolitan Trials won the Philip Abrams prize for Best First Book in Sociology in 2004. It depicts the 1999 trial of Anthony Sawoniuk in Britain due to the crimes he committed as part of the Holocaust in Belarus in 1942.

Hirsh openly works to resist antisemitism in society. He is known for the creation of the term ‘Livingston Formulation’, which states that people with antisemitic thoughts, which are later publicly revealed, then accuse opponents of using this as a method to hinder current, and further ignite debate. Hirsh is also a founding member of the Engage website, which attempts to educate the public about the state and ways of resisting contemporary antisemitism. Hirsh has played an active role in opposing the proposed boycott of Israeli universities by British universities and has become engaged in various debates regarding the matter.