Christopher-Daniels, Alexa

Alexa Christopher-Daniels is a theatre director and creative practitioner. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from King’s College London and trained at the London Centre for Psychodrama. She is the daughter of theatre producer and playwright Brian Daniels and has worked closely with him as a dramaturg and script editor on his plays Where’s Your Mama Gone? (2011) and Finishing Touches (2017), which she also directed. Furthermore, she directed Brian Daniels’ play Both Sides Now (2019).

Alexa Christopher-Daniels is artistic director of Gems of Mazal and Meow Kacha. For her arts company Gems of Mazal, Christopher-Daniels has directed numerous productions in the UK and Tel Aviv, Israel. She is co-director of The She Festival, which was first realised as a forerunner to 2011’s International Women’s Day and for which Hampstead’s New End Theatre collaborated with the Karov in Tel Aviv. The productions focus on the role of women across British and Israeli society.