Bodin Saphir, Alexander

Alexander Bodin Saphir is a British filmmaker and writer who was born to an English father and a Danish mother. His grandparents were among the more than 7,000 Danish Jews who were evacuated to Sweden in October 1943 by the Danish resistance movement. Alexander Bodin Saphir grew up in Kent and studied Neurophilosophy at Duke University, North Carolina, and Scriptwriting at Goldsmiths, London. His films include Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? (2016), co-directed and co-produced with Tomer and Barak Hermann. The documentary is an intimate portrait of a gay Jewish man who lives in London and seeks to reunite with his family in Israel after his positive HIV diagnosis. Bodin Saphir’s first play, Rosenbaum’s Rescue, premiered at the Park Theatre, London, in January 2019. The play is set in the wake of 9/11 and Denmark’s subsequent electoral swing to the right and takes a new look at the 1943 “miracle rescue” of most of occupied Denmark’s Jews.