Vice, Sue

Sue Vice is professor of English literature in The School of English at The University of Sheffield. Before coming to Sheffield in 1989, she worked at the publishing company Basil Blackwell. From 2007 to 2011 she was head of The School of English.

Vice has published widely on literary theory, film, and literature. Her publications include works like Psychoanalytic Criticism: A Reader (1996), Introducing Bakhtin (1997), Jack Rosenthal (2009), Textual Deceptions (2014), and Barry Hines: ‘Kes’, ‘Threads’ and Beyond (2017, with David Forrest). Vice is particularly interested in representations of the Holocaust and has published several books on Holocaust literature and film, such as Holocaust Fiction (2000) and Children Writing the Holocaust (2004). Furthermore, she has edited Representing Perpetrators in Holocaust Literature and Film (2013) with Jenni Adams.

Sue Vice gained a British Academy Senior Fellowship (2019-20) to write a study of the outtake footage from Claude Lanzmann’s documentary Shoah (1985).