Kosminsky, Peter

Peter Kosminsky is a film director, writer, and producer who was born in London in 1956. His grandfather was a Jewish immigrant from Poland, his grandmother fled the Nazis from Austria. He studied Chemistry at the University of Oxford, where he was involved in student theatre. After graduating, Kosminsky worked for several TV programmes, including the BBC. He is best known for his 1999 drama Warriors, about British peacekeepers in Bosnia. In 2003, Kosminsky started his collaboration with Channel 4 and David Aukin’s Daybreak Pictures. Kosminsky wrote the scripts for three films, which were directed by Aukin. Both The Government Inspector (2005) and Britz (2007) won a series of awards, including a BAFTA for Best Writer (The Government Inspector, 2005, about the case of Dr David Kelly). Kosminsky’s and Aukins’ collaboration, The Promise (2011), portrays the story of British soldiers stationed in Palestine during the end of the Mandate period, and focuses on the impact of those events on the current situation in Israel and Palestine. The serial was nominated for a BAFTA for for Best Drama Serial of 2010/11, and for Best Drama Serial of 2011 by the Royal Television Society. It met with a lot of controversy for its portrayal of the conflict from a British perspective.

Kosminsky also directed Wuthering Heights (1992) and White Oleander for Warner Bros., as well as the award-winning series Wolf Hall (2015) for the BBC and The State (2017) on the involvement of young British muslims with the Islamic State for Channel 4/National Geographic. Kosminsky’s recently produced Honour (2020) and directed and wrote The Undeclared War (2022). He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Arts from Bournemouth University and Honorary Fellowships by University College, Falmouth, and Worcester College, Oxford.