Permutt, Stewart

Stewart John Permutt wass an actor and a playwright, born in 1950 in Stoke Newington, London. Permutt wrote numerous plays for radio, film, and theatre. His works for the theatre include Singular Women (1991), Unsuspecting Susan, starring well-known actress Celia Imrie (2003), which toured to New York in 2005 and Stuttgart, Germany in 2008, Real Babies Don’t Cry, which was Winner of a Fringe First Award in Edinburgh in 2010, Love and Lust in Lewisham (2013), and most recently A Dark Night in Dalston which premiered at the Park Theatre in London in 2017. Many of Permutt’s plays have Jewish characters as protagonists. In A Dark Night in Dalston, for example, a young orthodox Jewish man ends up spending the night with a local woman because the onset of darkness prohibits him from travelling.

Interview with Stewart Permutt

Stewart Permutt died on 20th January 2024.