Holtschneider, Hannah

Hannah Holtschneider is a senior lecturer in Jewish studies at the University of Edinburgh. She received a PhD in Theology from the University of Birmingham, a postgraduate diploma in Jewish studies from Oxford University, and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations (CJCR), Cambridge and the University of Cambridge.

Holtschneider’s research is focused on twentieth-century Jewish history and the impact of the Holocaust on Jewish/non-Jewish relations. She has written numerous articles on these topics. Her monographs include The Holocaust and Representations of Jews: History and Identity in the Museum (2011) and German Protestants Remember the Holocaust: Theology and the Construction of Collective Memory (2001).

Together with Mia Spiro, she is the principal investigator of an AHRC-funded project on ‘Jewish Lives, Scottish Spaces: Jewish Migration to Scotland 1880-1950’ (2015-2018). She is furthermore co-editor of Holocaust Studies: A Journal of Culture and History (2010-), member of the editorial board of Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies (2013-), former president of the British Association for Jewish Studies (2016/17), member of the European Association for Jewish Studies (2007-), the Association for Jewish Studies (2007-), the Stephen S. Weinstein Symposium (2002-), as well as a fellow of The Higher Education Academy (2003-).