Horowitz, Anthony

Anthony Horowitz is a novelist, dramatist, screenwriter, and journalist. He was born 5 April 1955 to an upper-middle class Jewish family in Stanmore, Middlesex.

Horowitz is famous for his work in mystery and suspense and best known for his children’s and young adult books such as the Alex Rider series (2000-) and the The Power of Five series (2005-2012). For adults he has written the Sherlock Holmes novels The House of Silk  (2011) and Moriarty (2014) and the James Bond fiction Trigger Mortis (2015). His work for television and film includes scripts for ITV’s Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Midsomer Murders series. He also wrote the highly successful detective television series Foyle’s War (2002-2015), as well as Collision (2009) and Injustice (2011), and most recently The BBC One series New Blood (2016).

Horowitz’ best-received work for theatre is the play Mindgame (2000) which is based on his own thriller novel. It premiered at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester in 1999, before transferring to the West End Vaudeville Theatre in 2000. In 2008, it premiered in an Off-Broadway production in New York City.


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